"Kindness is so many things .. that’s what makes it so special." 

The Kind Mural - Nashville, TN. The Kind Mural is the forefront of a social movement entitled The Kind Way - created by Rebekah Rinehart and Sarah Nelson. Videographer by the amazing Jordan Merrigan! #thekindmural #scatterkindness #choosekindness #choosekind

There is nothing that makes us happier than watching as one of our first KINDCULT Members starts her own kindness mission. Several months ago Rebekah Reinhart, Member KC-0059, did just that. The first installation of her Kindness Mural Project was unveiled on a busy street in Nashville, TN. In big sprawling letters, the words "KINDNESS IS _______" is inscribed across several stories of brick sided building downtown. What a beautifully simple, yet interactive reminder to find time for kindness in your daily lives. This mural has impacted so many passer-by's that new Kindness Mural locations are being scouted in several major cities across the US. Keep a look out for one coming to your city, or contact @thekindway to request a mural in your city! 

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I love being kind. It is so special and powerful and beautiful and extraordinary and incredible and every other good word.

I created @thekindway  because i believe we can live in a world that will choose kind over hate in all its forms. 

I joined @kindcult in early 2016 and am proud to wear this necklace: member #0059
be good. look good. do good. become a member today and #keepupthekindness