A Mother who is a role model to her daughter, and a kid who is an inspiration to her generation...this is what The KINDCULT is all about!

Meet Danielle and her daughter, Marina. They share the KINDCULT Member tag KC-0200, but although they just have one tag, they do enough acts of kindness to make up 20 members! We first discovered this pair through our instagram feed tags. It seemed each week we were getting notifications from Danielle about another day they spent out in their community volunteering. Whether it be through organizations like Hashtag Lunchbag, Red Sand Project, The Joyful Child Foundation, or just going out on their own, the duo was constantly finding time in their busy lives to make a difference in others! We have been so impressed and inspired by what each mom and daughter bring to the table. Patience, strength, courage, selflessness, and dedication..these two do it all! Can't wait to see what they do next...always making KINDCULT proud :)