"When kindness and compassion become habit, it is then that we may rest..."

-Ken Cole, Founder : HumaneKind Project


Just imagine how many more acts of kindness would occur if we weren't afraid to connect with those around us. How different would our world look if the social barriers that divide us disappeared? Without age, background, race, or status; the face of friendship takes on a whole new look. You can take a glimpse into this world with HumaneKind Project. They have created a number of projects all designed to bridge the divide between social classes, but by far their most popular program is their Block Parties for the Homeless. Every Saturday morning a team of volunteers heads to heavily populated homeless areas in various cities across the country with food, coffee, clothing, music, games, and open hearts. The program isn't just about donating goods, but also donating time to treat in-need individuals as humans. The results have been truly inspiring: unlikely friendships have been formed, dance parties have been had, stories have been shared, and real human connections have been made. This program is so unique in its way to show us how alike we all are, and how important it is to be look past first never know how special someone is until you just say hello. Head on over to to get some more info on how you can get involved or how to start a Block Party in your city!

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